We offer a new smartphone video clip format: in Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg and Austria. It’s called «Spotlights».

The clips are uploaded via a code. Cut and sound are automated. Three questions, three answers, max. three minutes. Language: German or English. Time and place: You are completely flexible.

They go online in no time at all and via social media. In Germany, ARIVA.DE is our media partner.

They can also be used for your own marketing. It can hardly be more efficient and cheaper.

Time and place: You are completely flexible

Many financial videos are not particularly exciting, too long and serve purely for sale. The click rates are correspondingly low. We are now changing this with smartphone video clips in interview format. Time and place: completely flexible.

Technology makes it possible

What was unthinkable recently is now reality. Being your own video producer is easy and inexpensive. With a smartphone, tripod and microphone you are there. Big advantage: You can record as often as you like.

High reach

We are using our high reach, it is a five-digit number. In Germany, our media partner is the well-known financial portal ARIVA.DE.

Targeted marketing

The clips can also be used for your own marketing activities. Our price is interesting. Book your slots now. We look forward to seeing you.


Fundspec can be seen as a «delicatessen» for around 10 providers of funds specialties each in Switzerland, Germany and Austria - carefully selected as exclusive wine. Our services include «Experten-Lunches», «Experten-Roundtables», interviews and video clips.


Modern communication

The moving image has great advantages over text. Together with us, you can achieve your goals quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.



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